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Safeguarding and Wellbeing

AMES prioritizes the holistic development of our students, acknowledging that their well-being profoundly impacts their academic and social growth. We firmly believe that fostering a safe and supportive environment is paramount for our students to excel. Our school teams are committed to nurturing every facet of school life, empowering each student to confidently participate and achieve success at every stage of their journey.

At AMES, our devoted staff diligently provide personalized attention to our students, fostering a culture that encourages self-reflection, intellectual curiosity, and the courage to push boundaries. We instill in our students the values of our institution, inspiring them to embody excellence in both their academic pursuits and personal endeavors

Your Child Is Safe with Us!

Ensuring the well-being of every member within our school community is our top priority. We encourage parents, students, and teachers to openly communicate any concerns, no matter their perceived significance, regarding the health or welfare of our students. Our team is equipped to guide you to the appropriate individual or department for necessary advice and support.

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