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CEO's Message

A good education is a journey that we should all pursue. It involves developing the character, skills, and competencies needed to lead a fulfilling life. Our goal at Al Murooj English School is to support this learning journey for our students. Committed to our mission, we aim to provide each student with a solid foundation for knowledge and skills while aspiring to prepare them for the future, both professionally and personally.

We believe that our students can be developed into complete personalities only through supportive family, strong education and cultural values. I am glad to share that we are committed to strengthening all the four pillars of a great education at our school; curriculum, faculty, methodology, and assessment. We strive to achieve excellence in each of these areas that contribute to students total development.

I promise to continue promoting quality education at Al Murooj English School and ensure that students will enjoy learning, as well as reap the abundance of opportunities that my commitment guarantees. I believe that teaching is not just another, run-of-the-mill job. It requires impeccable character, honesty, and sacrifice to serve as a role model for the students. The youth are our most significant resource, and we aim to make our students physically, intellectually, and emotionally strong, empowering them to always be prepared to face the world’s challenges.

Amna Ahmed Al Mulla

BA in English Literature (United Arab Emirates University, UAE)

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