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Imparting Knowledge Power

As a child comes to Grade 4, there is a remarkable change in personality, intellectual capacity, and behavioural patterns. As a child approaches adolescence and begins to tread the path of life, they need constant motivation, a watchful eye, appreciation, and much love and care. At this crucial point of the child’s life, the child’s energy is diverted towards positive activities; aptitudes are identified, encouragement is given in all spheres, and personal counselling is provided.

The school features a library service that encourages the children’s reading habits and triggers critical and lateral thinking through reviews. An awareness of what is going on worldwide is created through the innovative methodology. Numerous opportunities are also offered to the students to explore and discover facts for themselves. In ICT classes, technology makes its presence felt, with each child having a chance to master the world of electronics.

The methodology adopted at the primary level of education stresses an interactive approach through group activities and hands-on activities. The children are given specific projects to help develop an investigative mind. The classroom becomes alive with keen questions and convincing answers. In the primary grades, learning in the school is not merely confined to textbooks. Extra time is given for discussion of current affairs, and to develop the general knowledge of the students, the latest audio-visual presentations are used.

Today, AMES is one of the country’s leading academic schools, and students achieve exceptional examination results. Our campus is a busy, passionate, and purposeful place where independent and deep thinking are enjoyed, encouraged, and respected by all and where holistic excellence is achieved. While we urge students to embrace the values of liberal education and a deep and rigorous learning process, we also encourage them to examine, question, and investigate the content of that learning and push boundaries to confront expectations.

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